How to initialize my external hard drive it is write protected

not able to initialize the external hard drive that i hav connected. it says unallocated and asks me to initialize but i cant do so as the media is write protected.. help!
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  1. Try booting to the command prompt with a boot disk before you let windows load. Type in format D: or what ever your drive letter is for the external drive..
  2. Hi Almartin,

    I'm encountering the same issue mentioned above, only problem is due to the drive not initializing no letter is being assigned to the drive to format it.
    i have attempted to unlock the drive via regedit\control\StorageDevicePolicies set the write protection to 0 but have had no joy.
    i have attempted to use a few drive recovery tools to repartition the drive but i also get a media write error saying the drive is write protected.

    I have listened very carefully to the drive when it starts up, no knocks and it sounds fine, it almost appears to be the boot section of the hard drive has become write protected preventing the drive from booting.

    The Drive is a WD 2tb USB connection. i have had a look around the web and have been unable to find a fix for this problem thus far if anyone has any ideas on how to resolve this problem or a link on a fix that works it would be greatly appreciated.



  3. Hi there did you ever get the drive out of write protected status? and if so what did you do? I am currently facing the same issue with a WD 1TB drive myself.
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