Looking for replacement Mobo

My asus M3A32-MVP deluxe mobo crapped out on me. Looking for a replacement.

Build: 4gb ddr2-800 (2x2gb), Phenom 9500, ATi 4870, creative x-fi soundcard.

Request: I want to get a motherboard below 120$ that will work with all my above components. What should I get? I was lookin at and i just want to make sure that this will be my best choice in terms of price/performance and RELIABILITY (3 asus mobos have crapped out on me, all of which were +150$, so would prefer not to get any other asus mobos.) Also, which are good reliable brands for mobos? Which chipset would be best for my build?

Thanks in advance for your time. (sorry if this is in the wrong section..didn't see a GIGABYTE subcategory..)
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  1. That mobo should work just fine for your setup. It also gives you future upgradeable to an AM3 cpu.
  2. Also, if I were to upgrade to phenom 2, would AM3 work on this? Would I have to get ddr3 or something? Would the AM3 or AM2+ of Ph2 940 be a better buy? thanks.

    edit: sorry AM3 does work, but which would be better still? AM2+ or AM3 p2 940?
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    You'd be better with an AM3, as the price difference isn't very much, plus you get a higher hypertransport (3.6 GHz w\ AM2+ vs. 4.0GHz w\AM3).
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