New CPU or New Videocard?

Thinking about upgrading soon. I am either going with a new cpu or a new videocard. Currently, I'm running a Phenom 9600 @ 2.6ghz and an
ATI 3870 video card. My choice will be either a Phenom II 945 or a 5770 videocard.

So what should I get for the best boost in games like Crysis, etc?
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  1. the vid card would help more, but the cpu is the base upon which the pc is built, so they go hand in hand, get the 945 or the 5770, either one will increase the performance of ur rig, but you wont see full results until you get both.
  2. I concur, the CPU is the base of the system and hence, probably the most important. I'd start with the CPU if fundage is a bit short and then move on to the graphics card.
  3. For games, the graphics card should give the bigger boost. Though you should consider overclocking some more.

    Even with a better cpu, the boost you'd get with a 3870 would be pretty marginal compared to another gpu.
  4. +1 for amnotanoobie,
    GPU will give the biggest performance increase in Games...
    Though that will certainly be bottlenecked by the cpu, and vice versa if you go with CPU upgrade...
  5. 5770. For sure. The CPU wont bottleneck a single GPU, probably a dual GPU yes but single nah.
  6. GPU all the way!
  7. Get a 5850 or a 5870 if you can splash the cash as Crysis will benefit more from a better GPU given your running a quad at 2.6 ... around 3Ghz seems to be the sweet spot though (where no more gains produce a better result given a mid to high end graphics card).

    What mobo do you have there?

    Can you get the dilithium crystals to resonate any higher?

    9600 @ 2.6 ... is it a black?

    The 5 series ATI cards are quite pricey at present ... but a fast single slot solution.
  8. +1 for 5770. If you overclock a little more great. If not, I don't believe the CPU would bottleneck too much.
    ... That is assuming this upgrade is for better gaming performance. If not, then upgrade the CPU.
  9. Do you just game? Any chance of getting both? Athlon II quads and Phenom II triples are in the low $100s right now, any chance of squeezing both in? If not, upgrade the CPU now and GPU when the 5XX0s pricedrop. No CPU pricedrops in sight right now, unfortunately.
  10. I'm not to keen on going to a triple-core when I am currently on a quad-core now. I'm thinking of doing the 5770 first, then the PII 945 in a couple months as the price drops.
  11. You'll probably feel a nicer bump going with the newer GPU. I'd go with the 5770 first, then the CPU down the road.
  12. Then its settled.

    Do some pre andpost comparisons when the card comes and let us know.

    Good luck mate.
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