Asus striker extreme mobo disk read errors

Hey guys
I have an asus striker extreme mobo w intel core duo 2.66 ghz, 4gb ram, and one nvidia graphics card.

so the past few months, one of my 3 sata hdds has been intermittently dismounting itself w heavy use. Also I have never been able to burn a DVD+r (sata also) without bluescreening. My IDE DVD-r works fine

the past month or so, my pc has been randomly shutting itself down (no bluescreen) with heavy hdd use. When I first put my system together I remember I was going to be pulling about 600W and I figured my antec 650 power supply was just being borderline. So I replaced it with an antec quattro 850 yesterday

now, I can't even boot my machine anymore and the bios can't find my hdds-- sometimes it finds one or two. Occasionally it finds all 3. I even bought and tried a new hdd and it doesn't work either. Booting from windows cd is also intermittently failing with disk read errors or it just shuts off the machine randomly, like when I try to install windows

I've tried replacing sata cables to no avail

before I buy a new mobo, I thought i'd ask u guys for help. So... Just how screwed am I?

Thx in advance
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  1. Also, If I need a new mobo, a replacement rec would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to keep the CPU (lga775) thx!
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