Northbridge is over heatting when overclocking

i have a ga-ma790gpt-ud3h motherboard i just unlock all cores on my amd 550 be cpu its running nice at 3.3 ghz but when i get it up to 3.5 the northbridge overheats temps get up to 130 running 95 prime and sometimes restarts windows is there another way to overclock more without over heating the north bridge seen some settings in the bios reading x value all cores and mine is set at -2 but really dont what that mean and does if anyone has any info on what to do or what the x value on all cores means it would be nice and i think u for your help.
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  1. I'm gonna take a chance here, and sound dumb - but, 130 what?! If you're at 130 centigrade (265 fahrenheit!), I'm surprised it's not a puddle! Northbridges are rated to run hot (almost all the Intels are rated over 100°C) but that's ridiculous! If it's 130 fahrenheit, it ain't even warm, yet! Where are you getting the number from? Have you tried a non-contact infrared? If you're going by some program's opinion, be sure to try several, and look at the variance - the mechanics of 'taking temps', and, especially, of calibration, are notoriously unreliable...

    As for the numbers you're refering to, I believe you're at the ACC (advanced clock calibration) function in the BIOS - you'll find an excellent .pdf regarding AMD tuning here:
    with a useful discussion of ACC on page 12...
  2. sorry about that it is fahrenheit not centigrade and i really thought that number was not so bad but when it gets to around 130 f the os restart got me pulling my hair out cpu temp running 95 prime r around 125 f whitch seems to be ok i have seen worse and cpu still run fine.Wished i could use amd overdrive but it can not find my cpu now that i have unlocked the other two cores
  3. 130°F is not at all that hot - I kind of doubt that is actually the source of your resets - it likely just happens to 'co-occur' with the actual problem... Couple questions: what, exactly, happens when you get the OS reset - is it just 'click', and you're back to the POST, or do you get a BSOD or a freeze of some kind firrst? Have you tried 'backing-down' your memory muliplier one step when advancing the clock? It's always possible that you're simply reaching a 'core limit' - AMD doesn't guarantee the extra cores will even work, much less any degree of 'overclockability'...

    Wished i could use amd overdrive but it can not find my cpu now that i have unlocked the other two cores

    Wonder if that's somehow an AMD discouragement for 'cheating' on cores :na: Even without overdrive, page 12 of the guide will still give you an idea of what the BIOS is doing with the ACC values...
  4. k guys thinks for the help found the problem i was overclocking the fbs and mem setting was to low for that much overclocking it was the mem resting os but now i undid the fbs overclock and overclocked the cpu clock ratio instead and its running at 3.5 ghz and cpu heat is steady at 125 to 130 f after running prime95 for 2 hours not knowing how much these core can take asfar as heat goes but i would say 125 to 130 f is not that bad thinks for the help
  5. Glad 'ya got 'er running OK - always nice to have an 'unlocked' multiplier!
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