Crucial SSD limited to Sata 2 mode on marvel chipset?

Crucial SSD limited to Sata 2 mode on marvel chipset?

I'm trying to get a crucial C300 to run at SATA 3 speeds on a P6T asus mobo. I'm using a Rosewill RC-255 pcie to SATA card to accomplish this; however, the drive refuses to run in SATA 3 mode, restricting it to 274 MB transfer rate. Using HD tune 2.55 to benchmark and check the SATA mode.

In the Marvel Bios (the chipset of the rosewill card), the drive shows correctly as being SATA 3 and the card shows correctly that its capable of 5GBS on its pcie bus; however, the Asus p6t bios lists the drive as IDE! huh? ACHI is enabled on the mobo. I have updated the P6T to its latest bios revision. No help.

Any ideas?
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  1. I swear ssd was not one of the options for a topic when I looked . . .
  2. Solved my own issue :)

    The issue is with the detection and benchmarking of the HDtune software. Apparently it is more of a real world test and not a true "sequential read" The AS SDD tool was able to correctly benchmark the drive at a 342 MB/s read, very close to the advertised sequential speed. Also, the CrystalDisk info was able to detect that it is running at SATA/600. So being IDE in the BIOS apparently does not effect anything! Hooray!
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