BIOS/RAID problem - windows not booting on RAID mode

Hello everybody,

I just had a disaster with my water cooling setup which reminded me of the importance of data redundancy so I bought two 1TB WD black SATA hard drives which I am trying to integrate into my system as a RAID 0 (mirroring) array to store important files, music, and photos on. I am having trouble getting windows to boot with the new RAID0 array added to the system, though, which I suspect has to do with my BIOS settings.

The setup pre-raid0 array was a 250gb WD HDD with my windows 7 install, and another 1TB drive with a bunch of music/photos etc on it. Under the integrated peripherals section of my BIOS I have SATA mode set to IDE, legacy support disabled, and onboard JMB set to RAID + IDE. Using this setup my system boots normally, but without the RAID 0 obviously, which just shows up as two unformatted disks under the disk management tool.

I turned off my computer, plugged in both new HDDs, changed SATA mode from IDE to RAID and saved/rebooted. The computer boots as normal with the addition of the RAID controller screen where I can press ctrl-I to enter the RAID manager. Here I selected to create a RAID 0 array containing both of the new HDDs and it successfully did that. But when windows begins to boot it freezes for a moment and then I get a brief BSofD followed by a restart. If I turn SATA mode back to IDE it boots normally.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have not come across this problem before.


System specs:
Mobo: DFI lanparty UT P45 T3RS
Memory: Corsair dominator 2x2gb @ 1600mhz
CPU: X6800 @ 3.6ghz
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  1. Quote:
    I am trying to integrate into my system as a RAID 0 (mirroring) array to store important files,
    Very bad solution. RAID 0 is not mirroring. RAID 1 is. What OS and did you install in RAID or IDE mode?
  2. I meant to say RAID 1.

    It is windows 7 and I recently installed in IDE mode without the two new HDDs.

    I just got the HDDs and want to integrate them into my system as a RAID 1 for storing important files, but windows won't boot in RAID mode, even though it is not on either RAID0 drive.

    For clarification, the windows logo appears for a few seconds but then I get the BSD and restart, it is NOT giving me the "operating system not found" error.

  3. Try setting HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\iaStorV Start to 0x00000000 to load the driver at boot time.
  4. How do I go about doing that? Thats a little bit beyond my understanding of windows.
  5. Use regedit, click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, etc. Just like you'd drill down folders on a hard disk. Once iaStorV is selected, double-click Start and change it's value to 0.
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