AM2/AM3 CPU cooler under $30?

I'm considering of upgrading my stock cooler unto something more efficient which will at the same time, benefit a stronger CPU when the time comes to upgrading it. When I play a online game (Alliance of Valiant Arms), the game is designed to use all of available CPU power at all times. When running the client, my CPU temps climb to about 63*C. I'm concerned about this because the Athlon X2's safety threshold is 70*C.

-MSI 785GT-E63 AM2/AM2+/AM3 motherboard
-AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ Winsdor 2.8GHz (OC'ed to 3.08ghz)
-Rosewill Challenger case

My motherboard has the ability to use AM3 CPU's. Once I find a proper CPU cooler, with this cooler upgrade I also plan on upgrading that ol' pesky dual-core unto one of the Phenom II X6's.

What CPU cooler(s) should I look into?
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  1. - your oc is safe
    - if want upgrade find support loist your mobo and try update bios for support it
    - Hyper 212+ is good choice for you, this had good perforance at overclock
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