Deleting a partition and it's appearing again.

This is so frustrating I can't empathise this. I have a 160GB hard drive with 42gb space left, I have downloaded the Maxtor software tool to clean the whole drive and when I use it', it says error it can't be removed, so I download Easeus Partition manager to try and wipe it, it said it wiped the HDD but the partition came back as soon as I restarted my pc, is this a common problem? Thanks!
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  1. Hi there,

    Possibly set to read only.

    Why not just use a low level command to do the job. Diskpart is a good choice, where you can use the "clean" syntax to wipe out the whole disk, or the "format" syntax to format a partition. Here is a good technet link to read out it's features.

    The old DOS format command, is in Win-7 also should work.

    Be very careful you clean, or format, or partition, the correct intended disk, so you don't reformat you system partition!
  2. Have you tried to reformat the drive or delete the partition. If you delete the partition it should show unallocated space. This is the partition manager I use and it is free and works very good.
  3. Hey, I'm not all that technical, how would I write out that command in CMD to try and clean the hard drive and to be honest, I think it is set on read only as well, I'm not sure though.
  4. Hi again,

    First of all, safest things first.

    Al's point is good. Go to DiskMgmt and in the lower graphics area, list what is there in the Disk Status section. It starts with Disk 1 or 2, Basic, size. Then list what is in the Volume Status section. It's to the right below the blue band. If the band is a different color, list it also. It starts with VolumeName, DriveLetter, size, status.

    Yours may be different since you are having trouble with the Disk cooperating.

    Then right click on the Volume Status area to bring up the context menu, which starts witn Open, Explore, ... Delete Volume, Properties. Be sure this is the disk you want to reformat, NOT your system disk. Then delete the volume. Hopefully that's successful and you end up with "Unallocated Space". The other option there is "Format", but try the "Delete the Volume" first.
  5. Hey again, I done what was requested and it doesn't work, I found out that it's only read-only, is there no way of bypassing this?
  6. You may need to low level format the drive using the command. If you are not comfortable with command line use, it's not for the faint of heart.

    Before doing that, go to DiskMgmt again, and in the graphical Volume Status area of this drive, open the context menu, and see if "Format" is a choice. If it is, click on it and possibly it will format the drive.
    What color is the band above this drives Volume Status area?
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