Is the PSU enough?


I am planning on buying this combo on Newegg:

I have a 450W BFG PSU, and I am wondering if that is enough power.

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  1. It might be - the bigger question is what graphics card will you run?

    The 450w is large enough for small to medium size mainstream cards and perhaps nominally for larger cards, although for larger ones I would recommend a better brand and at least 500w, depending on the card.
  2. The card is a 9500 GT, also from BFG. I might take it out because I think the on-board for that MoBo is better, but I will try it out.
  3. It should be fine with the 9500 GT - which has a minumum system requirement of 350w. I think you will find the 9500 GT is quite a bit more powerful for games than the mobo.
  4. OK, thank you
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