Suggestions on gaming motherboards?

Hi, I'm looking to build a high end gaming PC that I can over clock without worry and will be able to run 2 GPUs. I've found most of the components I want but I'm having trouble picking a good motherboard, so I'd like any info/suggestions/insight on how to make the right choice. I'm willing to spend up to £200 but I don't really want to go above that unless I'm getting a really good deal, all I want in a motherboard is good reliability for overclocking, ability to use 2 or more GPUs and I'd like it if the motherboard is some what future proof.

My gaming rig (I've yet to buy anything).

Tower: Antec 1200

PSU: Antec CP850 850W Modular

CPU: Intel i7 920

GPU: Radeon 5970

Motherboard: Still need to find one!

HDD: 500 MB Seagate 7200.12

RAM: Patriot Viper Extreme

DVD: Sony 24x Internal

Heat Sink: Cooler Master 212 +
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