When to buy the i7 920?

So, I have the parts for my new computer picked out and I'm pretty much ready to go. I'll be buying everything except the video card, which I can hold off on for a while until things settle down. I'll be using the system for web design and general use, with tons of gaming once I get my video card.

I'm pretty much set on the i7 920. I want the triple channel memory and the ability to tri-sli. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the new sockets and lower end chips will not support that, is that correct?

I also don't want to get stuck having to buying the i7 950, which is almost twice as much as the 920.

I plan to overclock as much as I can on air. What can I expect the 920 to get to? If I get stuck having to buy the 950, will it oc much higher? Do I really get much more for twice the money?

Is the 920 my best bet? If so, when will the supply dry up? When do I need to make my move?

If there is something better coming out for a comparable price, what would it be? I'd like to stick with intel.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. If you're looking to tri-sli then the main cost is probably going to be in the video cards. Going for anything lower than the 920 would be odd on a tri-sli if you're set in Intel.

    The 920 is definitely best bang for your money and should stop you getting CPU bound for the rest of the year at least :) The 950 may OC a little more but for gaming you probably won't be making unplayable games playable so I'd say it's not worth it.

    I'd say you'll see the 920s go pretty fast, either at a discount if something in the i5 range is as good or at a premium if they're still the best buy i7. Look for a D0 if you want to 'clock but definitely a good buy. Don't forget that whatever you buy it might not OC well :(

    I'm an Intel fanboy right now as I've built some terrible wrecks on AMD recently. They're solid, fast and (at a price) the MBs are stable (ish).
    If I were buying again right now I'd be all over the 920.
  2. the 920 was suspected to be withdrawn to make room for i5, but according to the latest reports, its not going anywhere, the 950 to me is a waste of money, $300 for like 200mhz, and a little more headroom for overclocking
  3. Get your i7 now, the 920 and 940 are almost discontinued. Set to occur any time in September. The i5's are lower than the i7's due to the fact that hyperthreading is not there.
  4. Yes Get it now!
    It is the best top end CPU whose price is reasonable.
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