Spinpoint install failing

775 LGA gigabyte mobo with a duo 6600
I'm trying a blank install with XP after that upgrading to Windows 7 32 bit

ATM everything is set to 32 bit...
Bios set as asked in the folder...HDD to LBA
Connected the HDD spinpoint 1TB to sata0 slot
set bios to check CD-rom first
XP CD in CD-Rom

First of all it takes a long time to detect the IDE drives.
Then he correctly shows the new HDD and in BIOS it also shows it correctly.

Sometimes I get a mem overflow when he goes onto the CD-rom...sometimes it moves past that.
When he wants to install he says he cannot find a HDD?

Any help is welcome pls. If you need more info do let me know and I'll provide it ASAP.

Kind regards,

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  1. Hi Dirk,

    For completeness, please list the model # of your MB, BIOS ver # listed in the BIOS, RAM manufacturer and amount, CPU, and Video card, HDDs and any other fixed devices attached to MB ports. That will give the group the best info to solve this problem.

    Not sure exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Is this a computer with a new clean SATA HDD, that you want to install Win-XP 32 bit on, then upgrade to Windows 7 32 bit?

    What are the IDE drives you mentioned that are connected to the computer? Might check in the BIOS and list them from the Standard CMOS page. Also on the Advanced BIOS Features page, how the Hard Disk Priority is set up. The SATA drive should be set first there. And for installation the First Boot device should be your CD.

    If you have additional HDDs or CD or DVD drives, that aren't needed for installation, disconnect them so they don't cause confusion.
  2. The idea is to go for a Windows 7 64 bit install.
    But this is an windows 7 I have is an upgrade and for some reason, when I install directly from the windows 7 disk, says it needs drivers...which the manufacturor says they don't have as they claim to be included in the HD.

    Then I thought..ok...I'll try install it in vista 32 bit...then update to 64 bit windows 7...
    When I install from the vista disk it sometimes nicely runs through everything untill it needs to start installing, then it says it cannot find the disk...while it is OK in BIOS.

    I basically disconnected everything that isn't needed.
    Only got the mouse, cd-rom, keyboard and the new HD103SJ HDD spinpoint 1TB connected.
    GA-965P DQ6...can't remember the bios version as it is upstairs...but I'm very sure it is the latest available as I did a check last week and no new ones were available.
    CPU is an intel duo 6600 running standard clock.
    Memory is 4 MB of corsair DDR3 1333 ram running standard clock.
  3. could be very well that I have something wrong in the BIOS.
    I'm using the purple slots atm instead of slot 0
    everything is set to IDE...not to AHCI.
  4. Bios = F11

    I reset everything to IDE. Now for some reason he isn't finding the drive anymore...not even in BIOS grrr
  5. Hi Dirk,

    Couple more things. You can't get to Win-7 64 bit as an upgrade. The standard Win-XP is 32 bit, and you have to choose either 32 bit, or 64 bit. Can't go from one to the other as an upgrade. Only a new install. In fact the Win-7 DVD set comes with 64 bit on one DVD, 32 bit on the other. You can upgrade from Win-XP 32 bit to Win-7 32 bit, that is possible.

    I wonder when you tried to install Vista, when it asked for a disk, it may have been asking for your "old vista disk" to upgrade.

    Your new HDD is great, a nice SATA II 1TB drive, and it will work fine. You can't connect it to your "purple" SATA ports because they are G-SATA ports which means they are "additional SATA ports" thru the marvel controller chip. You have to have the drivers (from your MB installation disk) installed before they will work and you can't do that until you get the OS installed. That's why it was complaining about not having the (G-SATA) drivers. So, connect your new drive to the SATA II_0 Sata port, in the BIOS make sure in Advanced BIOS Features you set the SATA drive first in priority, and then below that set the CD as first in line temporarily while you install Windows.

    I never connect additional devices initially until Windows is up and running. Then all the drivers are there for almost anything you want to add later.

    Give that a try and it should work.
  6. Hi John,

    Thank you very much for your reply.
    ATM I'm having issues getting to show up on BIOS again.
    Tried resetting BIOS to standard..best config for my system,...then manually setting everything how it was when the BIOS did see it...but no luck :(

    I do seem to remember when I upgraded my vista 32 bit to windows 7 that it did ask me if I wanted to install 32 or 64 bit. At the time I didn't know my chipset could use 64 bit so I installed 32 bit :p
  7. Got his off the MS site.

    If you want to move from a 32-bit version of Windows to a 64-bit version of Windows 7 or vice versa, you'll need to back up your files and choose the Custom option during Windows 7 installation. Then, you'll need to restore your files and reinstall your programs. For more information about performing a custom installation, see Installing and reinstalling Windows 7‍.
  8. OK tried everything as mentioned in this thread...nothing visible in the BIOS anymore :(
    weird as it used to do that OK in the SATA0 slot.
  9. OK, let's go back and start over.
    What OS and bit version to you want to install on this computer? You need the CD or DVD.

    Don't connect the Sata drive to the MB, just start the computer, and at the splash screen, click "del" to get into the BIOS system settings. There choose "Load Optimized" to load good BIOS settings. Click F10 to save and reboot. It should then Boot up to the splash screen, then go on, but won't find a HDD and if all is OK in your system, will get a video message "Non System Disk or Disk Error". That's what you want.
    Then report back.

    Also do have a separate computer you can connect your new SATA drive to, so in DiskMgmt you can delete any Volume or Partition information that may have been written to the drive in these prior attempts?
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