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It looks like some problems i've been having over the last 2 years are mostly if not entirely caused by my ASUS P5E Motherboard. So I'm finally giving up messing with it, and trying tweeks, I'm just going to buy something else (And RMA this one because I think it's actually broken). In short its been eating RAM, I'm on my 4th set, and two brands, and after about 3 months it kills whatever I put in there, even underclocked and undervolted.

So I need a recommendation for a replacement, as the options seemed to have changed dramatically since I built this thing in May 2008.


Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 processer (45nm quad)

Must use DDR2 RAM, preferably 4 slots

If its going to support dual Vid cards I use Nvidia not ATI so SLI (I could probably live without this)

The current one is an X38, and I know X48 was a decent successor, but now neither of those chipsets are in that common of circulation. I don't know a whole lot about the various other chipsets available on MBs for these processors. Also I know precious little about North Bridge and South Bridge chipsets but NewEgg lets you sort by them.

Anyhow I'm trying to finally put my failing RAM issues behind me and make this system at least stable, which is something its only had for a few months after each RAM replacement.

Suggestions and information about MB options would be much appreciated.
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  1. So in looking around, I found a MB that I think I might give a try as a replacement. I gave up on SLI as it seems people don't recommend any of the boards that use it, that also support DDR2.

    Is what I'm thinking of getting as a replacement for my ASUS P5E that has failed.

    Anyone have any experience with that Gigabyte board or have opinions on it being a good or bad choice?
  2. I have one of these. It does not support SLI, only CrossFire.

    I like G'byte motherboards. I own 4.

    I doubt if you will be able to RMA your old video board after two years.
  3. I know it doesn't support SLI, only crossfire, I don't think any of the brands I like supported SLI for this generation for some reason (only crappy Intel boards). ASUS has a 3yr warranty on MBs though, so I'm going to try and RMA it. No reason not to try right?
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