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Hi......This is Amit Ghadge.
I want to install a windows operating system in my machine but my machine dont have a CD-ROM. so i want to install an OS from using my another PC(Laptop)'s CD-ROM. So is it possible to install OS into my one machine from another different machine(windows-7) via sharing the drive :) .
Please reply-
Amit Ghadge
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  1. That would mean that your PC can detect the laptop's CD-ROM through the network during boot up. It is possible if your pc supports PXE network boot. Check your bios for that setting and google "Windows 7 PXE install"

    Why not just buy a CD/DVD drive and put it in your pc? They are so cheap now.

    I personally keep an old DVD drive with a SATA/IDE-to-USB adapter for cases like this. I have a couple of pcs at home with no DVD.
  2. Hello Sir...
    This is Amit Ghadge....
    I have one more query regarding hyper terminal...
    I want to communicate with hyper terminal using java or c++ language...
    So is it possible...? If yes then how to communicate with hyper terminal using java or c++ language....? will you give me some references....? Please...Also give me some ideas regarding this....
    Waiting for your reply soon.....
    Thank you.

    Amit Ghadge
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