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Very bad flow rate on new loop, help

I just built my new loop, loop consides of:

XPXC Dual Res with Laing DDC Pump
Swiftech Apogee XT
EK Multi Option Res
GTX470 (connected via an EK SLI Bridge)

I have a 2nd res as i needed a way to fill the loop, (cant use the dual bay res filling port)

Problem i have is I have EXTREMLY low flow rate,

That air bubble between the CPU and the Cylinder Res is just sitting thier, I also cant feel much flow in the pipes (from touch).

I have no idea what is wrong here,

Anyone ?
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  1. TH wont let me post the pic directly to this fourm, amended post above to give link
  2. Fixed, yellow and black wires, but running on 5v red! Think someone clipped the wires in the molex the wrongway around
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    Glad you managed to solve it man, sorry for lack of responses from us :-)
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  5. How did I manage to miss this one? :/
  6. Same way I did mate :)
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