Motherboard or PSU problem?

OK so my problem can be replicated two ways... first is that upon SAVING AND EXITING BIOS about 80% of the time it fails to post... no beep no picture... I have to completely switch off teh power supply and reboot then it works fine (and settings do save).
Second is upon resuming from suspend or hibernation. I get the exact same symptoms... I hear fans spin, hard drives powering up but no beep no screen. Oddly once I clear the power supply again it will resume from hibernation mode (obviously not suspend as I have cleared the memory at this point).

I have eliminated memory as a problem as it has done it with two vendors on multiple settings in multiple arrangements.
It also is not my video card because I have tried my Radeon 4860 and a cheap GeForce.
My approach is very minimal as I have almost nothing plugged in to the comp (USB mouse and PS2 keyboard) and no expansion cards beyond the vid card.
Also I have the newest Bios update... doesn't seem to be a widespread problem on the Asus forums.

I have an Enermax 720w Modular PS and an Asus P6X58D premium. I have messed with every possible power setting in bios and nothing worked. Any ideas? I am thinking of RMAing the motherboard first and then the power supply (possibly at the same time to make sure I don't have excessive down time). This is really frustrating.

Is there any chance it could be something as stupid as the CMOS batter or a jumper? It seems to me like it is hanging due to some sort of power issue because when I manually reset the PSU it works.
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  1. There's a good chance that your PSU has a fault in the standby circuits. I'd RMA the PSU first.
  2. Sounds logical to me... it does seem wierd tho that the system will begin to come around from wake but not fully post. I am really inclined to send both back to avoid having an eccessive amount of down time.
  3. Well before RMAing the PS I stopped being lazy and tried an old Raidmax PSU I had (I know they are horrible hence why I don't use it)... well it is doing the EXACT same thing. I am gonna just send the board back as I am now under the impression that it isn't the PSU.
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