phenom 955 bios settings for a gigabyte ga-ma790gp-ds4h

Would someone kindly help me with bios settings for a Gigabyte ga-ma790gp-ds4h with a phenom 2 955 black edition and 2x2 1066 g-skill ram only running at 800.
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    You need set in the BIOS manually the timings and voltage of the RAM, nothing else.
  2. I do not know the manual settings I have 2x2 gig g-skill ram and gigabyte says that you need 1 gig modules to run stable on my Gigabyte GA-MA790GP-DS4H, could you please. I took my computer to a shop and they could not manually change the ram, However I would be very happy if some one could help me tweak my bios setting for the Phenom ii 955 OPN: HDZ955FBGiBOX
  3. Can you give me please the link of the RAM that you have?
  4. By the way if you do know how to get around gigabyte saying it wont run 2 gig modules at 1066, would you be able to help me with Bios settings for my ram to run stable at 1066 with this cpu, my ram model is (F2-8500CL5D-4GBPK) PC2-8500CL5
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    Well, i think that your RAM is this is your RAM.

    Read the manual of your mobo to see where are located the options to manuall configuration of the RAM. When you find this, you need set the CL to 5 and the voltage to 2.0V

    Let me know the results.
  6. Hello Saint this is the link to my DDR2 ram

    Thank you so far for your help saint sorry I did not get back earlier, do I need to manually set the phenom ii 955 black edition, North bridge or HT timing I do not understand what to do here.

    Please Help.

    Thank you so much
  7. The only thing that you need set manually is the timings and voltage of your RAM memory, you don't need change anything in the on the CPU, NB, SB or HT.
  8. The ddr2 will only run safe is I set the first 4 steps to 5 5 5 15 and leave the others at manual and not clock my machine too 2.1 otherwise memtest 86 4.00 give me an error, thanking you for the help It is set to 2.00 but the settings are showing up as an 8 5 5 15 at 1067 in memtest
  9. Any time that's why we are here.
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  11. Do you know of any faster ram I could use for my gigabyte GA-ma790gp-ds4h and do I need to up the voltage of North-bridge at all, I had to set the phenom ii 955's clock ration to 16 to stop it going down to 8 do you have any advice on tweaks to improve the bus speed of the ram I wish I could upload a picture of my bios to this site.


  12. For AMD builds, the recomended memory is 1333. this is a good option.
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