Is this build compatible?

Hi, I just wanted to make sure before I order it that this build will be compatible. Its my first time building, I've checked about 6 times, but I'm sure theres something I could have missed. (Also, can someone reccomend me a good internal wireless card? Reviews seemed to be very mixed for every damn one on newegg)

Also, I have never installed more than one hard drive. I want to use the 80GB one to install Windows 7 RC, and the other one for games and stuff, so i would just set the 80 as the master and the other as the slave correct?

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  1. The antec Basiq line is not very strong, it is designed to be the el cheapo power supply line from them. You can get one from OCZ for the same price after MIR that is stronger and modular.

    You will also get alot better performance by getting a seagate 12 series 1TB drive and running everything off of it, that 80GB 10 series is going to give you long slow load times. The 10 series was quick at one time but they are slow by todays standards. Costs less and provides better performance.
  2. why two hard drives?

    as suggested the psu is a bit basic

    and thats a lot of money to spend on a keyboard . Id rather have a bigger monitor and a functional keyboard that cost less

    You could probably get the 23.6 inch ASUS if you get a $12 keyboard that you can update when you have a little more $$$$$

    also check prices of the ATI 4890 . its a fair bit stronger than the GTX 260 and with a deal or combo you might fit that into your budget
    I havent had a really good look through but
    gives you a better gfx card and saves you a couple of dollars .

    There may be even better combos
  3. Just noticed your comment about setting the HDDs to master and slave. Since, all your drives - the hard disks and the optical disk are SATA (as opposed to IDE) you won't have to worry about jumpers, you just have to plug them in.
  4. ok. thanks. reason for 2 drives is that i need one for windows since i will have to reformat when the real windows 7 comes out, and im not sure how to create a partition for just windows 7.
  5. If you buy Vista with a free upgrade to 7 you won't have to reformat, just upgrade to 7. Also it's very easy to create a partition, you just select how much space you would like when installing the operating system...
  6. since you will be maiking a clean install the process of partitioning will be pretty obvious and have ZERO risk because you will be smart enough to do it b4 you load any programs on the first OS .
    Head to google and type in " dual boot windows 7 " and you have plenty of information about how to set this up without buying a slow old 80 gig hard drive you dont really want or need
  7. mm, ok then, thanks. looks like its totaling out to about 900 shipped after mail in rebates thanks to you guys.

    hopefully building it goes well. im only nervous about doing the BIOS, no idea how to do that...
  8. What exactly do you mean when you say doing the Bios, you shouldn't have to much to the bios unless you're overclocking...

    Edit: and don't be nervous, it's fun :D
  9. Dont worry about the bios, even if you screw it up to the point where it wont boot, pull the battery for 15 seconds, put it back in and you are good to go again. Just write down the settings that work and tinker a bit.

    You will find you get really excited when the UPS man rings the door bell, just remember, the main point of building your own is for the joy of it.
  10. Yes, I often get excited "doing the bios", just make sure you're done when the UPS man rings the doorbell. lol Sorry couldn't help myself:)

    Seriously though, you will have a blast...and probably become addicted. You'll wonder why you ever bought a prebuilt computer to begin with!
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