Advice: intel i7 860 or 950 for hd rendering

After starting yet another 20+ hour render in Pinnacle Studio 14 with my E7400 system, I am so ready to upgrade. I have narrowed the choices down to a $1000-1500 860 or 950 system. My software is Vegas Studio 9, Pinnacle Studio 14. My workflow is simple - I take driving videos of the outdoors in AVCHD so : AVCHD-> PEG2 -> stabilize with Pinnacle 14 -> Xvid render in Sony Vegas. Many steps are not multithreading ( I am pretty sure Pinnacle's stabilize and the XVid rendering are sinlge threaded) so it seems the 860 might be better due to its Turbo feature.

Thanks in advance.

PS: The GPU rendering plugin for Vegas wont work apparently with Vegas studio.
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  1. How about a i7 920 and OC that to 3.0GHz? Same performance as a 950 with the cost of an 860.
  2. Well, I just don't know how to OC - I suppose I could buy one pre-OC'd?
  3. empty-c said:
    Well, I just don't know how to OC - I suppose I could buy one pre-OC'd?

    It's rather simple and there are TONS of OCing guides for the i7 CPUs in the Overclocking section. You might have to take a few hours to read about it, but that's nothing compared to the hundreds you save, you can even OC up to 3.6-3.8ghz if you get a nice CPU cooler ($30-$90) for your rig.

    Edit: Oh and you can't buy one "pre-OC'd" because you OC it through your BIOS menu. The moment you start up your computer, it will run at it's rated speed and then it goes through a "POST" period (the motherboard's brand logo or the black screen with white text), this is the stage when the BIOS settings are implemented and afterward, the Windows logo comes up and yada yada.
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