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So a friend of mine needs a CPU for his computer, his current board is , and the CPU compatibility list is He wants to get to use, but the only issue is, we dont know the BIOS version, and dont have a CPU to use to find out. Does anyone know a way to figure out the BIOS version without a processor?
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  1. I'm not sure about that. There's no way you could get to post without a cpu and ram installed. I haven't tried this but you could plug the cpu in it and hope that it would get to post. I think you may be able to see the bios version there. Then just flash the bios afterwards to support the new one.
  2. Thanks, but that wont work if the BIOS doesnt support the CPU in the first place. Im fairly certain if the CPU isnt supported by the BIOS, it wont even POST.
  3. Why, have you tried it and failed? If you say that based on just your assumptions then you haven't tried every possibility yet.

    Maybe you should check this one.
  4. masterjaw said:
    Why, have you tried it and failed? If you say that based on just your assumptions then you haven't tried every possibility yet.

    Maybe you should check this one.

    Havent tried it, but several people in that thread note that a computer will not POST without a CPU, while someone else reports they were able to boot ok. The only thing with that is, we dont want to risk him buying a new CPU that he can not boot from, only to need to acquire another CPU to flash to BIOS to a BIOS that supports the new CPU, because, we'd have to end up buying two.

    Anonymous said:

    I missed that, thank you. And he has the SLI Deluxe.

    What processor does he have now? I mean that's not gonna be much of an upgrade, even if you can still find one of those.

    He can get a new mobo and a cpu that would destroy that X3 for about $100. Let me know what he is running for a cpu now and what memory he has and what his budget is.

    Ill get back to you on the exact components because Im at work now. I do remember that its an AMD Athlon 64 x2, but the date on it was 2005. Ill talk to him about getting a new board and CPU, but in the mean time, feel free to post the deals youre talking about :)
  5. Quote:
    Even if he has a lowly X2, the X3 is not going to be much faster, in fact it may be slower.

    What does he use the computer for? Does he game?

    You can get a E5200 (E3300) and a new mobo with onboard graphics for around $100-110.
    These processors are very overclocker friendly.

    Youre probably right; he had a 5600+, which means the 8600B would likely only be faster in multi threaded apps.

    He does game, though considering his setup im not exactly sure hed be doing too much. He bought SLId 8600GTSs with his computer back when he got it, so I dont see him doing a lot of high end gaming now. He probably wont try to spend more than $50 since weve already come to the conclusion that really putting too much into this system would be futile without really upgrading to something like AM3 or LGA 1366. LGA 775 is more or less dead and so is AM2/+.
  6. I have a, ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe Motherboard. With a, AMD Athlon 6400+ 64x2 Dual Core processor. with 3070mb of ram and
    2 Geforce 9800GT 1024mb video cards running in SLI. Running Win.XP
    I built it a few years ago. It still plays games great, but I wanted more open gl FPS playing Nascar Racing 2003 season in 1280x1024x32 Res. My monitor Res is set at 1680x1050x32

    So I thought I would upgrade My CPU to a : AMD Phenom II X4 970 Black Edition Quad. ASUS Motherboard support say's it will work. It say's the ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe Motherboard will pretty much take any AMD CPU. I don't understand it. It pretty much tells me that AM2/AM2+ and AM3 are all the same Socket ?
    and upgrade my ram with 2 new, 2GB gaming sticks giving me 4GB Ram.

    Or should I just get 2 new Video cards to get better FPS ?
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