Formating ISSUES Toshiba Micro SD memory card/ Adapter


My micro 1gig sd memory card isn't allowing me to format.

I move the switch on the side of the adapter to lock and it says "Unable to complete format".

And when i move the switch to unlock it says "This disk is write protected.

The memory card will not work in any of my phones or on my computer ow. is there any way possible i could fix this???
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    You should never format an SD card with the generic Windows format tools. Here is a free format utility form the SD Association:
  2. The SD card might have failed. Try it in another PC.
  3. damn.

    i don't have another PC. Only ones i could think of is the ones at my local TAFE. I guess i could try it...

    Thanks anyway, if i don't have any luck with it, i guess I'll just have to buy a new one. They aren't worth much. But i just wanted to see if i could fix it, just for the purpose of learning. :)
  4. I understand; I hate to throw out something without trying to fix it.
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