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I have just changed my motherboard and CPU and I continue to have no signal to my monitor! Can anyone help me?
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  1. Could you post detailed specs on your computer?
    Be sure to include what you upgraded from and if this issue was present before the upgrade.

    Have you checked the monitor on another system?
  2. Well, that leaves the RAM, PSU, monitor and cable, and hard drive. :)

    Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:
  3. I'm having the same problem the monitor was saying "no signal to monitor" so I got this plastic cover from my sisters motherboard and placed it on top of the CPU (it had holes n it it and the motherboard I had didn't have one) then it worked! Untilit booted and it said a CMOS error and turned off. I got annoyed and changed the psu voltage and boom! There goes the psu so now I've got a new psu and it still "no signal to monitor" what might be my problem? Thanks in advanced, Adam.
  4. Probably your PSU surged and destroyed your system when it exploded.
    If you are lucky you can still recover your data from the hard drive, but I would not expect your system to be repairable.
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