Can an ATX motherboard go inside a micro ATX case?

The question is the title. The ATX motherboard size is 12" x 9.6" and the micro ATX case is 16.6" x 10.9" x 14.5". So I would think it could fit. Would the expansion slots line up or something?
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  1. No, it wont have the right mounting holes for the motherboard standoffs. You can put a microATX board in an ATX case but not vice versa.
  2. No, but the opposite is possible...

    Edit: @ hunter: ditto what you said on the other post :)
  3. Nope...ATX are full size boards. You can't fit them into a smaller space, but can fit smaller boards (micro-ATX) into a bigger space - just like Hunter said
  4. Does the cougar spike black fit a atx mobo? Because it's cheaper than a k280 cooler master which fits a atx.
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