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Greeting all,
I'm a bit confuse about windows experience index rate,previously i use 2 hdd sata WD 80gb to make it RAID 0 and i got 5.9, but after that i changed to 2 unit HDD SEAGATE BARRACUDA 500gb 32mb cache for RAID 0 and it's still rate as 5.9, Can someone enlighthen me did i make any mistake on setting,configuration or something else i'm missing?
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  1. Nope, you made no mistake. WEI is a joke. As long as you are using spinning drives, 5.9 is all you'll get. Period. Never bench with WEI, find real programs.
  2. so meaning if my hard drive is fast i will still get max 5.9 ? ouch.... what tools u recommend to benchmark hdd performance? and is it ok for my hdd seagate to use as RAID 0? can it consider to be at least medium if not fast for my windows using RAID 0?
  3. I would have to agree that the windows experience index is not scored properly to give an honest score. Or that being the case, you will have the same windows feel or experience even with different drives. I would have to suggest that you find real indexing programs so that you will get honest results. It is a good thing to see that you have great hardware but a even with lower scores on a trusted program would suffice.
  4. Meaning if you want a score higher then 5.9 you need to get an SSD. Unlike a real benchmark, WEI just gives numbers based on what it knows of your hardware. A real benchmark utility should give a score based on access time and transfer rates. I think HDtune is a program used around here, I'm not really sure.
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    As stated WIE is not a good a good bench mark, terrible would be better. But it does provide a good indication of working, ie if you get a score of 4.2 for your HDD and eveybody else is getting 5.9 you have a problem.

    On that same note: there is not a big diff beweenr raid0 and a Non raid0 in overall performance. Raid0 improves only Sequencial read and writes, it does little, to nothing, to improve the more important small file random reads and writes, and does not improve Acess time (unless short stroked). The best SSD only scores a 7.9 and it is at min 40->50 times faster than a HDD. So even if a raid0 HDD was 20% faster than a non-raid0, that's just to small of a change (20% x 2/40 is only .01) ie HDD is 5.85 = 5.9 and raid0 is 5.96, still 5.9.
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