Air Bearing Heat Exchanger..

Quite a while ago there was information about a 'revolutionary' type of cpu cooling, the Air Bearing Heat Echanger:

I am wondering if this will ever be released to the public for personal use? Or will it only be used for servers/businesses?
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  1. Interesting concept, but i honestly don't see if comming to computers. Mabey other fields but not this. I mention this because from the looks of it the "heatsink" is what does the spinning, so that basically means we have a huge hunk of metal spinning which we have to secure down on the motherboard or GPU to keep it cool.

    I see that as a problem as for the vibrations it would cause, where as we have lightweight fans and use anti vibration techniques on a lot of the higher end fans we use to reduce noise and vibration so this seems like a step back. And I see this as potentially vibrating something loose on lower end hardware.

    Than there is the issue of cost, the only real market I can see this in is the stock heatsink market but I see it costing more to implement than what their doing now. I don't really see this in the aftermarket heatsink market doing that well as we typically try to keep control of our airflow and such a design won't allow us. Where as the current heatsink towers we have right now allows us to direct the exhaust straight out of the case. Where as one of these will circulate the exhausted air from the heatsink around the case which is counterproductive to our needs, as this will increase the temperature inside the case itself.
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