URGENT - CPU heat and incompatibility Issue.

Hello guys,

I came up with a issue somedays ago and people advised me to get a thermal paste and attach the FAN to processor. It has given a little effect.

Please read the whole story, the temp. are still shooting.

I had a fine working Pentium-D930-3.0Ghz-65nm-SL94R processor. It was fine with Intel 945GNT motherboard, working happily. The some days ago it got a fault and the motherboard was unable to work. I decided to change the motherboard and so the RAM which was previously 1GB 533Mhz. I tried my processor on DG41RQ but it did not work. The I tried it with DG31PR and it worked. I got 4GB RAM 667 Mhz in 2 x 2 Dual Channel. The fan is the same which came with processor originally.

Now CPU is overheating. The temperature now is 71C using internet and firefox. SpeedFan shows upto 80 when i begin serious work and if I start making rar of some big file it goes increasing to 89-90-91-92-93 and i have to stop the process.

However the CPU continues to work on 2.999- 3.000 Ghz. But the temp comes boiling now.

I contacted INTEL guys and they told me that Pentium-D is not the same as the current Pentium Dual Core series. So the board is incompatible with this processor. I told them why did it accepted it ? they said it is just happening, but it will void my warranty and it may hurt both motherboard and itsself.

Now I am confused. I seriously don't know if I should get a powerful FAN like OCZ Vendetta 2 or some professional liquid like OCZ Freeze. Even if I get I ll pay nearly 25-30% price of buying a new Quad. So that is not a wise decision if it doesnt works I ll have to a buy a new processor in that case. I am pretty heavy at working on computer. My PC runs like 10-12 hours continously with processing that usually keeps CPU running 20-30 mins sometimes. Now because of this heating issue I am not able to use the CPU they way I want, it is just a internet terminal to me now.

I need to have some serious advice. Since if i keep running the CPU it may get off due to heating and hurt both motherboard and itsself. The INTEL guys said that the processor will get off itsself around 90-100, please tell me what actually happens. How much it is safe if i keep running this and start doing heavy work and overload it. What is your advice, I have the following options.

(i) Keep it like this, It won't be of much harm.
(ii) Buy a professional heavy CPU cooler and liquid.
(iii) Buy a quad and replace the processor only.
(iv) Buy a core2duo with graphics such as 9800GT / HD4870 ( better than quad alone for performance ).

Or you suggest something on your own guys. My work is in light graphics processing and light 3d modelling, good web development and programming using and many other languages. Manytimes we hang in developing code that's why the CPU should not have heat issues as programming many times result in heavy usage of CPU. And we neeed to do this to get the best out of programs.

Please help, I have to make a decision soon. Since I am frozen because of PC problem.
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  1. Are the push pins mounted firmly and locked in place? And you cleaned off and reapplied the thermal paste after having removed the heatsink right?

    The pentium D was known for running quite hot, if you have a socket 775 board you can get a moderately priced dual core that will greatly out perform the pentium D you are currently using for significantly less than a quad.
  2. Yes, the processor was cleaned and according to as i see the pins are tight. And it is like if I have to buy a new processor I will prefer buying heavy one. Either I use it or I go for something with high performance since I believe the dual cores will again create compatibility issues if I get some other problem after 1-2 years. Their support like mine can be stopped.
  3. Buy a quad.
  4. 1. Did you apply the thermal paste evenly (if it has a brush or a spatula), or put about the size of a big grain of rice smack-dab on the middle (if it is a syringe type).

    2. After applying the thermal grease, did you align it first (trying to avoid contact with the surface while the pins are not aligned with the holes), then sink the push pins in this order: 1, 3, 2, 4. (Assume a clockwise or counter-clockwise count, it is up to you).

    I have a Pentium D 945, it was overheating before, the first case was an inadequate hsf (it was a cooler for P4 6xx series), the second case was when I was using the 945's stock cooler and I didn't seat the hsf properly. When I removed the hsf for the second case, I saw there was an air bubble.
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    My very sincere advice would be to keep the mobo and get a new CPU.
    Just one generation up (Pentium Dual Core, Core 2 Duo) run much cooler and are much faster.

    Here is the benchmark for your CPU:

    Even if you bough a $60 Pentium Dual Core E2200, it would be a very large performance increase over the Pentium D.
  6. Thanks for your answer. Can u just tell me if I install a heat sink like Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme and a Good FAN on it how much my temperature can drop ??
  7. Thanks, I bought a E5300 processor, the board also to DG41RQ.
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