Mobo is fried?

I bought alot of computer parts this week to build a new comp. (this is my first build)
When I went to set it up, I thought I had a pretty good idea how to set everything so I went ahead and tried booting it.
What I got was this:

-Case fan spins, the CPU fan spins very fast, the power supply and vga card fan spins too,
-the mobo however had no led's on and no beeps or sounds. I could not get anything to appear on my monitor either.

Everything keeps spinning as long as I had the power button on, even the cd drive lights were turned on. I know I have everything connected (24 pin, 4 pin cpu, front panel). I just want to know if it could be my psu or cpu before i go ahead and return it.
(I followed most of the suggestions on the list that was stickied)

Just need a thought or a opinion on this matter, thx for the help!

System build:
gigabyte-ma785gpm am2+/am3
gskill 2gb 1.8/1.9v ddr2 @800
xfx 9600gt
amd phenom II callisto x2 3.0 ghz
rosewill 500w power supply (came with case)
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  1. Have you plugged in the PCI-e connector to the GPU? Did you try to plug the monitor first in the mobo's video output and check if it works?
  2. You did remember to use the standoffs supplied with the case correct?
  3. Replace the PSU ASAP, Rosewill is very poor quality. The other thing to check is that maybe the power switch is bad (or reversed with the reset switch). I take it the case is also a rosewill, and was a combo eh. they have some minor QC issues with the cases, ie the power and reset jumpers are mislabeled. (have seen this twice) and the HDD LED, and power LED was reversed on another. It sounds like the power switch tho. check out: they have replacement power switches for fairly cheap.
  4. Could it be that i didnt ground myself? This is my first time building so I didnt take proper precautions before handling the motherboard.

    My first time booting the system , nothing came on. no beeps no lights. no fans. nothing. Then after tinkering with the front panel connections, it got the posted point.

    I have put in the standoffs and I have tried using the integrated vid card on the mobo (and the pci on gpu). Im gonna try every suggestion over tho!
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