I read on CPU magazine that they had a gtx 250 as a dedicted physics proccesor.What is a gtx 250? I never heard of it. :pt1cable:
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  1. Its basically a repackaged 9800 GTX, which is basically a repackaged 8800 class card.
  2. +1^

    GTS 250 has 128 stream processors like 9800GTX/8800GTX
  3. or the 8800GTS G92 cards.
    It's simply nVida's way of rebranding the same thing over and over with a minor change here and there, and selling as a "new" next generation product, of course at new next generation prices as well.
  4. Not really, you can get a GTS 250 for less than 120.00$ More or less the same price as a 9800GTX... But the 250 uses less power and performs better....

    Look at the 8800 Ultra... they still sell for 350.00$+ on e-bay.....
  5. Well the performance difference isn't much but yes it uses less power,for under $120 it looks a good choice
  6. no i mean it gtx 250 it says on it
  7. Then they got it wrong then.


    Nvidia call it the GTS250
  8. need a link or something. I only find GPUs called GTX 250.
  9. its nothing like a 8800 gtx
  10. Anything wrong with having a GTS 250?
  11. actually a gts 250 is basicallya 8800gts .A gts 250 runs cooler wich is better. But you could get a 8800gts for $90.A GTS 250 for $120+.
  12. The 250 is a re-badged 9800GTX not a 8800GTS....The 8800GTS was a 640MB 320bit DDR3 with 96 SP's while the 250 is a 512MB or 1GB 256bit DDR3 with 128 SP's .....

    So they are basically 2 very different cards......

    EVGA 640-P2-N821-AR GeForce 8800 GTS 640MB 320-bit GDDR3

    EVGA 512-P3-1151-TR GeForce GTS 250 Superclocked Edition 512MB 256-bit GDDR3
  13. GTS 250 has 128 SPs like 8800GTX,8800ULTRA,8800GTS 512 and 9800GTX

    8800GTS has 3 models,one is 320MB with 96 SP's,one is 640MB with 96 SP's and finally the 8800GTS 512 which has 128 SP's
  14. True, but even if they do have the same amount of SP's there are still other factors to consider.... The specs on both cards are not identical, here is an example :



    You can say that they are based off the same architecture, but they do not perform the same in any way.....
  15. Yup i agree,i was just saying they have 128 SP's because number of stream processors are very important but there are other important factors like Memory clock etc(as u said though :) )
  16. Hopefully the new 3XX series won't follow in the same direction..... Would be nice to see NEW hardware......
  17. yeah i hope too :)
  18. you guys basically sabotaged my thread ;).Cary on
  19. Sabotaged? We answered your question.
  20. hehe, semi-sabotage... we answered the question already....
  21. Yeah we answered u didn't we ? :)
  22. yep u did bust it was just a joke:(
  23. I know i just wanted u whether u get your answer or no :D
  24. Its not 9800GTX.. its a GTX+(Check die size)
  25. yeh well i dont care
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