Help about AMD phenom X2 II 550 Black Edition

sry for repeat the question
but i need fast help :)

i wanna fast help plz
i bought the proccessor AMD phenom X2 II 550 Black Edi yesterday

and i have MB GB 74 GM s-2

when i tryied to run the new pro it haven't work
thought that the old pro AMD athlon 4600 work well
is that a prob at proccessor
or prob at mother board that it cant run that pro
or my MB need bios update
or what
plz plz i need fast help
and ty

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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    If your mobo is this version, sorry, but the processor that you have isn't supported.

    Next time, check 1st the CPU supported list of the mobo.

    SO, What version do you have?
  2. i have ver 1.0
  3. GA-MA74GM-S2 (rev. 1.x)
    AMD 740G + SB700 Chipset
    Supports AMD Phenom X4/ Athlon X2 processors*
    Solid capacitors design in CPU VRM
    Dual Channel DDR2 800 for outstanding system performance
    Integrated ATI Radeon 2100 graphics
    Ultimate graphics performance with PCI-Ex16 interface
    Integrated SATA 3Gb/s with RAID function
    Features high speed Gigabit Ethernet connection
    Integrated 6/8-Channel** High Definition audio
    Integrated DVI interface with HDCP
  4. so i think it's must run my new CPU
    AMD phenom X2 II 550
  5. This gets a bit dicey - there are five revisions of that board available, and all different results (but the good news is that four of the five do offer support!) - here's where to find your rev#:

    Rev 1.x doesnt support it; support list here:

    Rev 2.0 needs BIOS 'FC'; support list here:
    BIOS available here:

    Rev 3.0 needs BIOS F3; support list here:
    BIOS here:

    Rev 4.0 needs BIOS FA; support list here:
    BIOS here:

    and Rev 4.1 needs BIOS FB; support list here:
    BIOS here:
    (FB should have been the 'as shipped' BIOS, as it's the only one...)
  6. Hi again. Like I said in the 1st reply the version 1.X don't support the X2 II 550. Sorry, but always you need check the CPU supported list before buy the processor.
  7. You can pick up a current replacement for $55USD:
    Or, even cheaper ($48USD), a GA-M61PME-S2P, which also supports the 550:
  8. ^+1, yea. You can re-sell your current mobo an get a new mobo that support your new X2 II 550 processor.
  9. ty GUYS all who helped me
    it was great from u really to help me :)
    and i will try get new board
    GB 785 DDR3 with 4 slots for RAM
  10. Any time, that's why we are here.
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