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Have a PC problem is as follows

Motherboard TUVX4, Celeron CPU 1200MHZ, 40GB HDD, 128MB AGP Graphic card, DVD RW, 1,2GB RAM

When i start the PC And click the power button nothing happens ( First time )

I shut down the PC start it again, it will start but go into BIOS first ( I havent pressed DEL key ) i choose exit without saving anything, then its ok, nothing more problems it starts and could run for a week no matter how many times would i restart the PC, i even reinstalled windows xp 2 days ago, no problem under installation .

Just if shut it down and leave it for few hours then it won't start for the first time again.

Any Help appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Try clearing the CMOS, remove the watch battery on your mobo and leave it off for 5 minutes, then reinstall it and turn on your PC.

    Post what happens then.
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