M4A785TD-V EVO XP Phenom II x4 965 performance

I have this MB/CPU combo with 2GB 1333MHz memory running Vista Home Premium. The only changes I made to the default 0602 BIOS (latest from ASUS) is to disable Cool 'n Quiet, enable Unleashing Mode and set Active CPU Cores to 4 Core Operation. CPU-Z shows all 4 cores running at full speed (3416.6Hz). But running the PerformanceTest 7.0 CPU benchmark gives a CPU mark of 3481.2 vs 4452.9 and 4546.7 for 2 other identical MB/CPU combos from the PassMark database. I'm new to multicore CPUs and need some expert help to explain why mine seems to be running 25% slower. As I'm using this for HD video processing, I need all the speed I can get (I'll get to overclocking later!).
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  1. Does the PassMark database offer information whether the CPU's listed, are running stock or OC'ed?
  2. Yes. They are running stock at 3412.3 and 3415.2Mhz respectively.
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