Could disabling AMD overdrive fix crashes?

for the past few weeks my computer will randomly restart or go to a BSOD. I've confirmed that it has something to do with my graphics card. Its a Radeon HD and uses AMD Catalyst software. I've done everything from system restores to reinstalling windows from scratch but the problem still persists. It happens randomly but usually when I'm watch online streaming or video files on my computer. It seems to happen frequently if I try jumping into viewing right after I start the computer. I finally checked the event viewer and noticed most of the crashes coincide with the following error The AODDriver4.0 service failed to start due to the following error: the system cannot find the path specified. after googleing this AODDriver I found it was related to the Control centers overdrive setting. So I went into the control center and disabled the overdrive. I'm hoping this will solve the problem but does anyone know for sure if the problem was the overdrive being enabled? And no I have never touched the clock settings or tried to overclock manually.
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  1. You might just have bad RAM. Its usually the first thing to go and the most persistent. Try taking out a RAM module one at a time for a day and see if the problem still occurs.

    I don't think it has anything to do with the GPU unless its OC'ed. CPU shouldn't be the issue either since you didn't mess with anything in the BIOS. Either the RAM or motherboard is what I think. More likely the RAM.
  2. I hate to sound obvious but didnt you say after you had re-installed everything it is still having the same issue? Do you have on-board video you can try? You just need to go through it component by component.
  3. Well I did install some new RAM last year but wasn't really having any problems even though they were different brands (2 were crucial and the other 2 were 2 of the original sticks that came installed) could they have just worn out over time? (I know may be a noob question but its the only way I'll learn)

    Update: Okay I just ran a basic scan of my memory on memtest but no errors were detected.
  4. Go default, Uninstall soft oc gpu and aod, uninstall dirver, try install driver again, forget AOD .. Overclock safely by manual (bios) that can easy control anything. And overclock gpu use afterburner
  5. I'm beginning to think it may be bad RAM. I don't think I can alter my clock settings in my BIOS. I've never really touched that area before but have been just browseing through it every know and then over the past few days to try and fix this problem and havn't seen any options to change the clock speed. Its Phoenix Award BIOS version 5. something (I'll check later). But after removing my 2 1 GB sticks the problem seems to be gone even though I'm trying to crash it purposely to test it. Those 2 sticks only have 5300 mhz while the other 2 are 2 GB sticks at 6400mhz. Could this be a problem? To repeat earliar posts I changed the memory last year but have had no issues until now and Memtest showed no errors even though I let it run like 6 passes.

    Update: Well I definetly see no way to mess around with the clockspeed of my computer in the BIOS menu. All I have are options to disable or enable things. The BIOS was version 5.12 back from 2007 so I'm assuming everything is done automatically.
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