Will the current bios of m4a78t e support phenom II x4 955 or will it be needed to flash?
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  1. If it's the 955 with C2 stepping it shouldn't. I know that ASUS' site is kind of a pain, so I'll point you in the right direction http://www.asus.com/product.aspx?P_ID=cf8IZzbU4m6GHKnW&templete=2 Just click on the CPU Support List tab and take a look.
  2. well i dont if it is the C2 stepping? the processor which i am getting is this one:

    Can you tell me weather the above processor will support the current bios installed in the motherboard.
  3. Sorry, but I don't know which BIOS you have. Chances are that if you still running the BIOS that came with the board, you'll probably need to up-date the BIOS for it to be recognized properly by you MoBo.
  4. ok i got my motherboard today and the revision is 1.02G. And i am thinking of getting the phenom II x4 955 with the c3 stepping. Do you think the motherboard's bios will be able to recognize the processor?
  5. The 1.02G revision doesn't tell which BIOS came on the board.

    My way of thinking is that it will boot with the present BIOS, but may not be fully functional (ie...may not operate at 100%~as in being throttled down, or temp. sensors might not register accurately) Looking at the list at the ASUS site, and going by the release dates I would have to say you need at least BIOS version 2105, but more than likely version 2402 or 2503.

    PS: Just so you know, if you install the latest-greatest you may not be able to roll-back to an earlier version. Which I have personally experienced.
  6. umm do you think the 2105 means the bios version


    the picture is from my motherbaord
  7. I'm not sure whether those numbers are an indicator of which BIOS is shipped with the MoBo or not, somebody with more knowledge than I might be able to answer that. I would think that it would boot with the BIOS that comes with it and if it works properly I would just run it, but if it needs to be flashed it's actually pretty simple with Easy Flash 2 that comes with ASUS boards. I just did it twice the day before yesterday trying to clock get this new 965 to @4000, which doesn't seem to be happening. :fou: GGrrrrrr!!!! lol
  8. My M4A78T-E came with Bios 2105 and it did support my Phenom II 955. You can also upgrade, or downgrade your bios using the Easy Flash 2, so there is no worries about trying the latest bios.
  9. thk12345 said:
    umm do you think the 2105 means the bios version


    the picture is from my motherboard

    Hello thk12345! New member here. I'm about to do my 3rd build, and it's my first with an AMD cpu, and first with an ASUS motherboard.

    I can confirm the '2105' on the tiniest of tiny stickers affixed to your motherboard is the BIOS revision #.

    I just took delivery on my M4A78T-E Rev. 1.02G, and the sticker on mine indicates one of the subsequent BIOS revisions, 2503.

    You've likely figured-out the sticker by now...February to July...but it is nice to confirm that we can know for certain, before the first boot attempt, exactly what BIOS is on an ASUS motherboard by finding that minuscule sticker and taking a peek with a magnifier!
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