16x 16x vs 16x 8x 8x

I have a quick question for you guys.

I am currently running a duel sli setup with nvidia 275 cards both are running at 16x.

if I add another card and make it a triple sli setup it will be a 16x 8x 8x setup.

my question is will I notice a big performance decrease lowering the 2 cards to 8x? or will I see a performance increase?

or should I just stay with the duel sli config at both cards running at 16x?

from what I have gathered from the net, the only card that comes close to using the full 16x pcie 2.0 is the nvidia 295

any opinions?
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  1. ^ What resolution do you play at ??...
    Tri-SLI might not scale well as Dual-SLI...You would need to go Tri only if you are having a 2560X1600 resolution screen...If anything lower, then there wont be much real world performance difference/ increase...
  2. You should not buy a third GTX275 with DirectX11 coming and the GTX300 and HD5870 launched by the end of the year.As for the question I don't think that it would damage your fps if put on 8x.
  3. DO NOT BUY .Wait for the new gt300 ,hd5xxx
  4. Well, the bus speed is not your limiting factor, so going 16x 8x 8x or if you had 16x 16x 16x, there would be no real difference. The performance boost you would get from 3 cards however, is also negligible. As others suggested, stick with what you have already just a bit longer, if you can.
  5. If its x8 PCI-E 2.0 then it shouldn't be much of a problem.
  6. Hey guys,
    Thank you for your info
    I see that the new 300 series will be coming out but will they be backwards compatible with pcie 2.0?

    and yes I have a 30" monitor so I can easily reach the max 2560 x 1600 res

    I was just wondering for future sake the motherboard I have now has a 16x/8x slot in it so if I where to put say 3 gfx cards in the motherboard the one 16x/8x slot would be brought down to 8x.

    so I would in a sense be running 16x 8x 8x , I was just curious on if I would get a performance hit or no.

    but considering that the new 300 series will be coming out I probably will wait and go with 2 or even 3 300 series gfx cards

    now another question and this is talking ... down the line a bit but with the 300 series same question as my 1st post will a 16x 8x 8x config hinder the fps in games? and should I stay with just 2 300 series running at 16x 16x?

    thank you for your help :)
  7. Yes they will work on pcie2.0 normally you should stay with just 2 (if they're actually more powerfull) but given that the games will be more demanding and you will play at 2560x1600 maybe 3 will be better.
    We will see what the specs are apparently later this month when they plan on releasing a flavor of the GTX300.
    Also i remembered this: http://www.pcgameshardware.com/aid,694540/Geforce-300-series-already-mentioned-in-Geforce-18691-WHQL-driver/News/
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