Is this a safe overclock?

Just did this with my mobo's auto oc utility:

The only thing im kinda concerned about it the voltage.... is it safe there?
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  1. how hot do you get with prime95?
  2. Well about 30 mins in it bsod. It only got up to 48c before it did though. Drop the voltage?
  3. thats pretty cool, so temp isnt your wall. 30 minutes on prime95 isnt terrible, you are close. if anything your voltage is too low. ive heard of people upping their voltage into the 1.5x range for 3.8ghz on your cpu but thats a lil high imo. try 1.45, 1.46. see if you can get it stable.
  4. That chip tends to hit the wall at amount of added voltage will get it stable...Are you keeping the RAM speed in check whle upping the FSB?

    BTW..voltage at that speed looks about right at 1.44v you could try upping it to like 1.45-1.48v...The chips voltage limit is 1.55v

    Heres a link to the AMD OC Club it has a propus core on the table OCed kinda like your set-up:
  5. crank the voltage as high as you want cause then you will have a reason to get a SB based rig.... lol but kidding aside i second what everyones has said. the big factor you need to watch is your temps. if your temps are really good then the amount of volts isnt as big of a factor. remember your fighting the heat not the volts.
  6. I be honest to test rigs to see if the OC is safe I prefer to know it is completely stable so I do 24h tests before I am happy with the settings and leave it be.

    As for the voltage back when I was reading on how to overclock I learned Voltage and Heat killed hardware. Voltage was one of the killers, but it also generated heat when you apply more of it. So handling the temps alone weren't the only concern the voltage is also a concern, and is also directly related to heat so try to keep that in mind. Hope that made sense.

    Short way to look at it: Increase Voltage = Increase Heat
    Increase Voltage = Less CPU Life
    Increase heat = Less CPU Life
    Increase Voltage/Heat = Even Less CPU Life
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