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My pc starts... it gets through the posts and then the scrolling windows xp screen comes up and scrolls a few times and then it just shuts off like it has no power. i have checked the ram and changed ram and power supply yet it continues to happen...
can someone please suggest some ideas so i can try them...
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  1. can you boot into safe mode? Might be a software issue...
  2. Sorry i forgot to mention that... i cannot boot into safe mode or any other configuration...
  3. Do you have alot of important stuff on that PC, or would a fresh re-install of the operating system be an option? Reason i say this is because if you can fresh-re-install the OS and it boots up fine, you know it was a software issue, if not, then you can count hardware as the culprit.

    Also, what type of video card do you have? Do you have another one to test with?
  4. I will give a fresh re-install a go... it is onboard video, so i dont have a spare video card lying around...
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    If hardware issue, it may be a number of things. You said that the PSU & RAM are fine, so it could be a CPU issue (possibly a bad CPU or the heatsink/fan is not attached correctly, thus the CPU is generating too much heat & shutting down). Could be a motherboard issue as well, it's tough to say, but since your machine makes it past the posts, i would be willing to bet (a small wager of course) that the fresh install of an OS will resolve the issue.
  6. I'll give it a go!! thank you!!
  7. let us know how the OS install works out.
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  9. The Fan Had a little bit of movement and had broken the seal on the paste between the fan and the cpu. so when it was booted it would heat up super fast and then shut down to stop any damage. so i removed the old paste and put on new paste the put the fan back on and all was sweet!! thank you very much for your help!! it was all greatly appreciated!! How much was the small wager that i get?? hahaha
  10. oh man, i was going to suggest that it could be the fan/heatsink that was not properly seated or needed to be re-applied, but i figured since you replaced the PSU you might have noticed it, my bad, LOL, wager??? what wager? :)
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