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I am new to owning a Cisco router, and so far have been able to set it up in a basic way. Have wired/wireless internet access with a WPA-secured wireless connection.

Something I'd like to do is set up VPN such that certain trusted people can VPN into my network and game / share files. So far, I have set up the Easy VPN Server on the router, and was wondering a couple things:

1) Is this VPN server only compatible with other Cisco routers as clients? Some information I have read seems to possibly imply this.

2) In the event that 1) is not true, are clients required to use the Cisco VPN Client software? If not, is third party software required, or can connection be done with windows alone?

3) If I am able to do this, are there any good configuration guides for this kind of setup. I may have already done most/all of it, but a good reference to check my work is always helpful.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Ben,

    If you are planning for gaming, you'll need IPSec VPN.

    EasyVPN is SSL based VPN which requires compatibility with the application. In other words, your games should be designed to work with it. IPSec requires dedicated client. Most SSL VPN are used with browsers.

    Windows based VPN are PPTP VPN which should work but I know little about them. They are based on GRE tunnels which don't provide encryption.
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