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i have an abit kn9 sli currently with 1gb of ram. i purchased 4 gb(2x2gb) kit of ocz 800mhk pc 6400 ram which the motherboard manual says supports. i go to install it and i get a blue screen while starting windows. i have configured the bios both ways; auto dram timings and also manual set to dram specs on the chips themselves including the voltage. how can i get this to work? do i have to re-install windows? i have windows 7.
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  1. Download memtest86+ here. Create the bootable CD image, burn it. Power-on the computer, enter BIOS to set your boot drive as the CD/DVD, save and exit. Boot into memtest to verify that your RAM is good. Test the RAM default and OC settings.
  2. i tried 1 memory stick and it tested ok. i then booted with it and i got a blue screen with the error memory_management.

    so i tried the other stick. the computer just sat there and beeped at me forever. i have returned those memory sticks and new ones are on there way.
  3. Good diagnosis! I hope the new ones work.
  4. well see, it might be that there was a bad stick and a bad slot!
  5. got the new memory. 2x1 gb sticks. put it in and worked the first time. so even though the mb manual and the website say the mb will support 2gb sticks up to 8gb, thats not really accurate.
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    Glad it worked.
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  8. I just bougth I7 960, Asus p6td Delux, corsair 6gb ram cmg6gx3m3a2000c8 (2000 8-8-8-24) system windows xp 32,
    when i run softwere for music it stops when 1800mb is loded -acording to windows task manager.
    I know there wil be ram limitation but in my opinion at least 1 gb is not runniug atall.
    mem test tested each 2gb ram separatly and was ok. does not finish the test in 2 an3 chanel option. i am disapointet. Is it Motheboard or bios or ram ??????
    please help if you can?

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