Using a SATA power splitter

Hi, so in an effort to reduce clutter and improve airflow inside my case, I thought I should switch to this:

I have a few questions about it though. Currently I have a power cable that splits into, about 5, 4-pin molex connectors for fans, and I'm using it to power 2 fans directly, a fan controller, and 3 fans via the fan controller. All 120mm LED fans. So if I add another molex connection to that existing cable to power: 1 optical drive and 1 HDD, would the performance/functionality of any of these parts suffer? (The 5 fans, fan controller, 1 optical drive, 1 HDD) The 2 fans are connected to one molex via pass-through setup, so are the other 3 fans connected to the fan controller, so I am currently using up 3 molex connections out of the 5 available.

Hope I didn't make that too convoluted and it's clear enough for people to understand and hopefully help out.

Thanks in advance.
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    That should cause no problems at all.
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