Whats your opinion about this?

I have a antec df-85 full tower case and i would want to hear your opinion about the airflow. and any suggestions.

It has

3 120mm front fans (pull)
1 120mm side panel fan (pull)

2 120mm back (push) with a corsair h100
2 140mm Top (push)

1 Lian li internal 140mm pci cooler just above the gpu
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  1. It must sound like a hover craft but I'm sure it moves air.
  2. any other suggestions on how to improve?
  3. Not sure what you are looking for here....It seems as though there is plenty of air moving through the case. Is it efficient?..., that's another question.

    - 3 front fans...do they pull air across the hdd(s) or just for intake only? 3 front fans seems like too much up front but if you can deal with the sound then stick with it.

    - Side fans....not a fan of em. I prefer to add a slot fan (like your Lian Li pci fan) to my case to help the gpu instead of messing with the air flow from front to back by adding a side fan that disrupts it.

    - Top fans...a must, with the size of cpu coolers now its great to have help at the top where the heat resides. But 2 140mm's? I guess if you have the room and don't mind the noise go for it.

    - CPU cooler...perfect push/pull config on a great cooler...no comment there!

    What fans(details) do you have in it now? At this point I could only suggest better fans if they are of cheaper quality.
  4. they are all antec df 85 stock fans and the one on the side is a coolermaster **** not quite sure but i know it 93 cfm,

    Im just looking for a very effective airflow combo for a high end gaming pc. to prevent anything from overheating.
  5. +1 for sealing up that sidefan on that
  6. it always helps for better airflow to my gpu and then just out again from my pci slot fan
  7. If your temps are actually better for it then keep obviously :)
    Have you tested temps both with and without it?
    decent time testing, hour of gaming each way I think should do it
    don't just unplug the fan though, cover the gap with card or similar to seal it
    I'd be interested to see the effects in 'realworld' application
  8. I also want to see whats the effects but, im still building my rig and theoretically it will cool allot better, When i get it done i will post the stats on tomshardware.
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