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If I want to have three (or four) screens connected to my computer with using a PCI-E card (8800GTS) and a PCI-card, what would I need to buy? What I found out from google is that I should buy two of the same brand (ie two nvidia) and then have Windows XP or Windows 7 because they support multiple drivers.

Am I wrong here or should it work if I just buy a Sparkle GeForce 8400GS Passive 512MB? Or maybe even a ATI-card because they are a little chaper.

I just want more screens connected, nothing else.
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  1. Anyone?
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    A second nvidia card will give you less trouble mucking around with drivers.
  3. Thanks.

    Okay, another question.

    I will probably buy the 8400GS-card for a third monitor/TV, will it do all the graphic-stuff on that third monitor like say I play a 720p movie and want to use DXVA, will it do the decoding or will that go to my primary card?

    Asking because my primary graphics card doesn't support DXVA so would be nice to be able to decode HD-movies on the HDTV with the new graphics card.
  4. Yes it should work.
  5. Just out of the box? I have been googling and asking people on IRC and could hardly find any information about this, the ones on IRC that thought they did usually got shot down by someone else saying it wouldn't work. So, yeah, can't trust IRC-kiddies.

    Only thing I found is that CoreAVC decoder might work with their new CUDA-support which seems to be exactly this but I read that the quality is bad compared to a good hardware decoder for DXVA.

    Gonna buy it either way in a week or two when I move to my new apartment but would be nice to know if it will work. :)
  6. To be sure I'd wait for a response from someone with more dual video card experiance then me, or start a new thread seeing as this one is marked as solved :)
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