Problem with installing XP

I just put this PC up today and its giving me a BIG headache...
I bought Intel's DP45SG and XFX GTS 250 with Q9400
the memory is Corsair's DDR3 1333 2G
and it keeps popping up the blue screen in the second part of install
does anybody know what happened? I checked the memory
config in BIOS and the settings are right so can anyone
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  1. Same issue in here, take a look and see if anything suggested in there will help
  2. hunter315 said:
    Same issue in here, take a look and see if anything suggested in there will help

    I don't think I can find a simular case because this usually happens after installing XP right?
    I haven't even finish installing XP!
  3. Doesnt matter, it is the same error message, and the memory address locations that it lists below seem to indicate a memory error, get memtest and run it for atleast 5 passes, there are times when ram passes the first few then starts throwing errors.

    Memory induced error messages can occur anytime windows is trying to do something, from installing, to booting up, to just sitting on the desktop.
  4. how can I run this program if I haven't even installed an OS plus I don't have any computers that
    run on DDR3... there's this long string on the bottom would this help find out the problem
  5. the 0x indicates a hexadecimal memory address. Memtest boots off of a cd similar to how you boot off the windows cd to install windows, you dont install it onto windows. You just need to download it and burn it onto a CD on a working computer and put it in the one that wont work.
  6. THX I'll try and probally post again...

    1) wrong driver installed for hardware
    2) Defective hardware

    If you know enough about computers
    I suggest to take one part out at a time and boot to see if it works
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