Velociraptor or Caviar Black?

Is there a difference at all? says that the 600GB raptor scores 874, vs 910 for the 2TB black, so does that mean that the raptor is actually slower?

I was just going to use one of these for a game drive, and 2 terabytes was going to be a lot more than I need. I had thought that the Velociraptor was going to be noticeably faster, but those stats...

Is there anyone who owns/has had experience with one of these?

Any and all help will be appreciated. :)
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    There are two ways to measure disk performance:

    Access time - how long it takes the drive to find something
    Transfer rate - how quickly you can move the data after it's been found

    The densest black drives have a faster transfer rate than a Velociraptor because even though they spin more slowly they have so much more data on each track of their 3.5" platters than the Velociraptors do on their 2.5" platters that it overcomes the difference. That makes the black drives faster for bulk transfer operations like file copies.

    But the Velociraptors have a faster access time, which means they're better at tasks where you have to read data from lots of different places on the drive - such as when booting or when starting up programs.
  2. 7200rpm drives have improved much since the velociraptor came out.
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