Pc building-do i need a blu ray drive and a blu ray burner?

can i use a blu ray drive and a blu ray burner? Do i need both or is having both a waste??
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  1. If you just watch blu-rays, then all you need is a standard BD-ROM. However, if you burn high-def movies, then you'll want to get a BD-RE, which also plays blu-rays.
  2. The only time you'd need both is if you want to copy Blu Ray discs on-the-fly. Given the prices at the moment it's a waste to have both.

    You could even save a few quid by getting a Blu Ray reader only and a separate DVD writer instead of a Blu Ray combi drive.
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    Blue-Ray Disc are good back-up media @ 25G or 50G. Thats what i use to save my system image files. Few disc needed instead of multiple DVD.

    I save recorded HDTV Shows/Movies and Blue Ray disc come in handy. Also i save multiple DVD-movies on a single Blue-Ray Disc.

    My LG Blue-Ray/HD-DVD Player Blue-Ray/DVD Writer is one of the most reliable optical drive i have. I only use one optical drive in my system. Optical drives are under-utilized for most part.

    Blue Ray writer is ~ $199.99 to date. Blue Ray player is almost half the price.

    Use the money somewhere else if you are not sure of what you need.
  4. Thank you to every one for your help on this topic.
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