Is this computer any good?

Was thinking of buying this:

Chassi Antec Nine Hundred Two Black Miditower 2x Front 120 x 25mm fans, 1x Rear 120 x 25mm fan, 1x top 200 x 30mm fan
Nätaggregat Corsair Powersupply 550W Black,ATX/EPS, 120mm Fan, 4xSATA, SLI, WxHxL
Optisk läsare/brännare Samsung DVD±RW brännare, SH-S223B 22x DVD, DVDRAM, SATA, Black, Bulk
Multikortläsare USB2 multikortläsare 3.5" svart för CF I/II,MMC,RS MMC,MMC Plus,SD,SDHC,miniSD,microSD,MS (Pro, Duo),SM,xD (bulk)
CPU Intel Core™ 2 Quad Q9550 2.83GHz Socket LGA775, 1333MHz, 12MB, BOXED med fläkt
Moderkort 1333FSB ASUS P5Q SE2, P45, Socket-775 DDR2, ATX, GbLAN, ICH10, PCI-Ex(2.0)16
DDR2 minne Corsair TWIN2X PC6400 DDR2 4GB KIT CL5 Kit w/2x 2GB XMS2-6400 dimm's, CL5-5-5-18, 800MHz
HDD Seagate Barracuda® 7200.12 1TB SATA 3.0Gb/s, 32MB, 7200RPM
GPU XFX GeForce GTX 260 666M 896MB PhysX PCI-Express 2.0, "BLACK", 2xDVI, HDCP, 55nm, 666/2000MHz
Operativsystem 32-bit Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Swe. Komplett, Endast användas i PC prod.
Service Garanti 3 år - Skicka in PC skickas av kund till

was going to pay 1373$ for it...
So is it good? worth the money? bottlenecks?

ps. sorry for the swedish part in it, copy pasted =P
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  1. The build is decent, but it's not a very good time to use a Core 2 CPU in a new build. The LGA 775 socket CPU's are being phased out along with DDR2 RAM. A new AMD Phenom II X4 955 build with an AM3 motherboard and DDR3 RAM will offer similiar performance and a much better upgrade path.

    You should also use a 64-bit OS so you can use all 4GB of RAM and have the option of adding more in the future if needed. You would only be able to use about 3.2GB with that system and a 32-bit OS.
  2. :o are they holding that pc for ransom at that price :heink:
  3. Case 165.00
    PCU 70.00
    DVD 28.00
    Card Reader 20.00
    CPU 220.00
    MB 87.00
    RAM 43.00
    HDD 90.00
    GPU 175.00
    OS 110.00

    Total.. $1008.00

    This is for parts only, purchased and shipped USA.

    The basic system looks ok. With three year guarantee I assume it is assembled for the $370.00 difference.

    The motherboard is the basic model.
    For my money I would downgrade the case to the basic Antec 900
    and upgrade the motherboard to P5Q Pro Turbo or the P5Q-E
    Also make sure the GTX 260 is the Core 216 edition.
    You might not be able to make these changes if it is a prebuilt.

    The answer is yes, it is a good computer and should work well together.
    The question remains is if you are making the right choice at this time with better
    components available at the same price if not just a little more.
  4. well, the computer usually cost 1654$ but is now on a sale, and only this week,
    so i dunno maybe i should go for it?
  5. its good but at $1654 you can get a great i7 setup wich destroys any core 2
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