Some questions about ati 4870

i don't really need a new card cuz my pny verto 9600 gt can max every game out there, but it's kinda dying on me. It makes a huge noise whenever i start up my pc( it sounds like there is something stuck on the fan, but there isn't). also my 9600 gt overheats at 67c and i get a black screen(rarely reaches that high) . So i am thinking to get a 4870 and my budged is $145.

How good is it compared to 9600 gt?

will it run on antec ea650?

Is it a good idea to get this card if i game at 1680x1050?

which version should i get ? 1gb or 512 mb?

will it fit on my case? currently there is 3.5 inches clearance between the 9600 gt and hdd bay. Total is 11.5 inches w/o the card

is it really hot and does it pose a threat to the card ? my 9600 gt runs at 43c, i saw some benchs here on TH and they say the card runs 70c idle and 80c while gaming .... that is extremely hot for my tastes , i like cool cards, and that is pulling me away from the card. Also my case is a piece of junk , it has no fans on it , and the side window is open.
I am either going for this or 4770

ty :)
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  1. are you really planning on upgrading your card? if not why not you check your graphic card fan and heatsink first? maybe it is clogged with dust.the dust can accumulate heat thus disturbing your heatsink from doing its job. you may want to change the thermal paste as well :)

    anyway 4870 will smoke 9600GT.they are in different class. 4770 is good as well. it performs between 4830 and 4850.if you OC the card you may gain performance near or on par with 4850
  2. I've already cleaned the dust from it . but it does the same thing, so that's not it. What kind of thermal paste? i have some arctic silver 5 . I am kind of tired of my card , I've had it with it.Not to mention the black screen. I was thinking of a getting a case , but that won't improve my performance . I'll go either with 4770 or 4870 , which should I get?
  3. A 4870 is probably 2.5-3x faster than your 9600. Yes, it runs hot, but that's what modifying the fan profiles in the Catalyst Control Center is for (really easy).

    And get some fans in your case, what the heck are you thinking not having any and trying to game? That's just asking for hardware failure.
  4. I think i will get the 4870 and increase the fan speed ... it's pretty cool in my room right now, and my 9600 gt is running cool.
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