CPU Cooler suggestions for GIGABYTE GA-Z68XP-UD4 with an i5 2500k

What CPU cooler should I get? Would like to overclock my i5 2500k to around 4.5-4.8GHz on a GIGABYTE GA-Z68XP-UD4 housed in an Antec 900 case. Would like to spend less than 60 bucks, and it would be nice to have a quiet fan, but as long as it keeps my cpu cool, I will be grateful. Oh and I have read that some people have issues mounting their aftermarket coolers north to south on my mobo. Speaking of which, What do you guys recommend, north to south (which is what i think i should be doing considering the case i have and the large assed fan on top)
or east to west? Ill only have 2 sticks of ram in.

Also, do you guys recommend any specific thermal paste? I used Arctic Silver 5 in my last build 3 yrs ago.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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  1. If you can spend $35 more you could get.


    If not the coolermaster Hyper 212 evo is around $35 on newegg, not so bad but if you want to be safe in overclocking go with the h80 and its smaller than the 212
  2. been reading a few reviews on CPU coolers and came across:

    EVGA M020-00-000234 Superclock CPU Cooler

    seems pretty decent, especially after checking out this review/comparison and this review/comparison .

    looks pretty decent, what do you guys think?
  3. looks good to me. make sure there is enough clearance for ram though.
  4. yeah, seems like if there is any type of issue, a few people end up modifying the fan holder a bit and raising up the fan a few mm above clearing the ram. also it looks like ill only be missing out on 1 slot unmodded.
  5. on a side note, how do you think my layout should be: from the front pulling air out of the exhaust in the back, or bottom to top pulling air from my side panel fan, across my video card, and out the top of my 200mm fan?

    itll be a bit hotter air coming from the video card, but it will also probably keep the video card cooler. Think i might go from front to back, and keep the CPU cooler. What do ya guys think?
  6. its best to take out the hot air from the back and the top and intake from the front and the side.

    Im currently looking at a good psi slot fan just above my gpu to take out the hot air from my gpu away asap. You could do that if you think it will help with cooling.

    Then you don't have to worry about hot air going in your cpu fan, It will do wonders for cooling
  7. Sorry for not clarifying, my question was in reference to which way i sould orient my CPU Cooler, not how to set up my fans. So front to back, or bottom to top?
  8. slack3rdav3 said:
    Sorry for not clarifying, my question was in reference to which way i sould orient my CPU Cooler, not how to set up my fans. So front to back, or bottom to top?

    It depends on your case and the airflow thru it. Nornally blowing the air straight back out out of the case is better.

  9. antec 900, 2 intake fans in the front, one on the side, (120mm) and 1 120 mm exhaust out the back with a 200mm exhaust on top
  10. The EVGA one looks good, but it's kinda pricey. You should get an Xigmatek SD1283 for $30 and use the money saved for more fans. I have one, and my i52500k never sees temps of >45C when gaming.

  11. well, it's been purchased, along with a few Thermaltake Blue-Eye 120mm fans and some aluminum fan filters.
  12. do those aluminum filters do more good then harm??? looking at them it just seems like they are a sales gimmick as i dont see them "focusing" the air like they say they do. i see them decreasing air flow though.
  13. well, they are cheap and catch dust, ill see how much they impede airflow when i get them. if it is bad, i wont use em, or ill modify them a bit
  14. i wasnt sure cause if they collect dust and dont impede airflow im going to pick up some. so if you remember try to report your findings
  15. take a look at thermaltake frio (non OCK).a good cooler IMO.
  16. well, i will tell you it WILL impede airflow, thats just what filters do, but how much is the question. obviously as it collects dust, it will impede airflow even more, so you will have to clean them often, but i think its better than having to clean the inside all the damn time. as long as you have decent fans, it will still move enough air to keep everything cool.
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