Gateway FX6800-01e

hey guys,

i currently have a gateway fx6800-01e desktop and im looking to upgrade my systems memory. according to gateway, i currently have 3gb DDR3 @ 1066mhz which is 1024x3 and have a total of 6 slots so my questions is.. what kind of memory can i use to upgrade it?... bc frys electronics has a good deal on DDR 3 1800mhz? now do i have to upgrade the memory evenly? or just add 3 ddr @1800? or do i have to get 6gb @1800

and would going from 3gb ddr3 1066mhz to 6gb DDR3 1800mhzbe a huge diffrence?.. and where would i see it in gaming and everyday use... thanks so much in advance... sorry for the noobie questions!
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