Any problems with running a Q6600 CPU with DDR3?

Hi All.. I've had a decent system to fulfill my needs for the past 2 years.. However my motherboad died on me last week and had to replace it I was running a Q6600 CPU with DDR2 OCZ 9600 RAM, a Gigabyte N680SLI board, 2 x 8800GTS in SLI and 2 WD SATA 320HDD is Raid 0 Since i spent so much on the ram and video cards i didn't want them to go to waste... Due to my parts now being obsolete..I had a fair bit of trouble finding a board with a S775 socket that was SLI capable and had raid options and took DDR2 However I managed to get a XFX N790i-Ultra, only problem was i had to cut my losses with my OCZ Flex 9600 RAM and purchased OCZ DDR3 CL7 1333 modules. So my question is... If my CPU had a FSB of 1066 and is an old quad core CPU, am i going to create bottlenecks or going to have problems running it with DDR3 1333? is there something i need to remember before i build my rig again? Thanks Q6600 OCZ 9600
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  1. no, 790i is a decent socket 775 mobo
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